Day 111

Had three super interviews yesterday:  John Grant (Public Art Project Manager and Curator), Roddy MacInnes (Photographer and prof. at the University of Denver), and the positively stunning Laura Merage (Founder of RedLine Gallery).

I always feel invigorated after having the opportunity to connect with folks who are – or have been – in Hal’s realm.  It’s an incredibly touching and beautiful thing. 🙂

Dominic is traveling from now until the first week of May or so, so it’s time for me to lock down and go through all of the interviews we’ve done so far with a fine tooth comb and start identifying all the bits and parts to include in our first round of editing and for the teaser.  Can’t wait to start working with David on this piece and see this project come to life!

There are a few more folks I’d like to interview, so we’ll pick those back up in May/June (how is half the year over already?).  And there’s still so much more to film with Hal.  Right now, he’s sort of having a love-affair with a birch tree in his neighborhood.  It’s a love-hate relationship, but we’ll keep visiting her until he feels like he can capture what he’s looking for.  With the enlargers now fixed and his darkroom full of new supplies, he’s in great shape to start printing again – he just needs to find the right image.

Once we have our teaser/trailer finished (by the end of June – fingers crossed!), I can start working toward satisfying the budget of the film and getting Hal to Paris to meet Salgado (fundraising!).  This trip is such a pivotal piece of the film and it will be pretty thrilling to see Hal in the throes of another grand adventure in his life.  It’s also a great reminder that age doesn’t prevent us from having hopes, dreams, desires, and plans for the future; it’s up to each of us to live our lives to the fullest.  No excuses.  🙂

Good and busy times ahead!


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