Day 197

With the wildfires burning down the front range as of late Dominic has been busy filming for ABC, so we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus.  Actually, we’re close to filming the bulk of the Colorado stuff and the interviews have more or less wrapped up at this point – we just have some B Roll to film and we’ll start the editing process.  I think we’re up to about 35 hours of footage, so there’s a lot to sift through.

At the end of June, Hal, my friends Peter and Kate, and I took a road trip down to New Mexico.  We visited Hal’s good friends Felicia Ferguson and Chuck Henningsen, had lunch with another of Hal’s friends, Andrew Smith, and met up with Dick Bostick and Melody Sullivan at their home for dinner.  It was like a full-on photography immersion trip as we discussed the history, future, philosophy and religion of the medium.  Good stuff; a photography geek’s delight.

We also made the somewhat harrowing pass on over to Cuba, NM to visit Q-Bar Ranch – the ranch Hal and his father had from the time Hal was 12 until the forest service bought his father out several years later.  The main house is still standing, but the outer buildings were apparently burned down by the forest service in an effort to get them to sell more quickly (nice).

Dominic was working the Waldo Canyon fire and unable to join us, so I just took a few pictures along the way…


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